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At CopaCoupona, we believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships that drive success for all involved. As a leading platform for coupons and deals in the UK, we offer a unique opportunity for businesses to reach a broader audience, increase sales, and enhance brand visibility. Partnering with us means gaining access to a vast network of savvy shoppers eager for the best offers. Ready to take your business to the next level? Hereโ€™s how partnering with CopaCoupona can benefit you.

Shopping Cart Boost

Drive more traffic to your website with our curated coupons and deals, increasing your shopping carts and boosting your sales!

Customer Plus

Expand your customer base. With CopaCoupona, you can reach new, shopping-savvy audiences and build long-term customer loyalty.


Enhance your brand visibility. Showcase your brand on CopaCoupona, increasing awareness for your products and services.


Strengthen your presence. Thanks to our multi-channel communication, your promotions will be spread across various platforms.


Benefit from our expertise. Our experienced Key Account Managers and editors provide personalized, industry-specific guidance.

Placements on CopaCoupona

From vouchers and exclusive codes to free offers and contests, we provide a variety of placement options for your promotions.

Online Voucher Publication

Interested in publishing vouchers for your online shop or platform? Whether you operate a tech store, a travel booking platform, or a food delivery service, we reach the right audience for you! CopaCoupona features online vouchers spanning various categories, catering to diverse interests.

Exclusive Codes

At CopaCoupona, we are always eager to develop closer partnerships with our brands and create exclusive codes that customers wonโ€™t find anywhere else.

Free Offers

Publish your free offers on CopaCoupona, such as product samples, free items with purchases, free credits, or vouchers. Convince new customers of your products and show appreciation to existing ones.


Publish your contest on CopaCoupona to leverage our reach for branding and generating new leads for your newsletter. Participate in our seasonal promotions like Valentineโ€™s Day, Easter and Christmas calendars, as well as other CopaCoupona contests, such as those tied to football championships.

Overview of Services

  • Seamless integration of your vouchers and promotions, including detailed information
  • In-depth description of your company and products, incorporating your input
  • Promotion across our website, newsletter, and social media platforms
  • Special placements for enhanced promotion

Compensation Models

The publication of offers on CopaCoupona is compensated through either an affiliate network or direct booking. Have an affiliate program? Let us know, and we'll review the program terms! If you don't have an affiliate program, we can set up a direct partnership. Just share the key information about your shop and planned voucher promotion.

Effective Advertising Strategies

Special Placements

Special placements for enhanced promotion


We send out our CopaCoupona newsletter to a large subscriber base. Book a feature in our newsletter or send a standalone newsletter to a defined audience.

Social Media

Looking to promote your promotion primarily on platforms like Facebook? Utilize a CopaCoupona post to reach our large following.

Ready to get started?

Your next offer could be live within the next few hours. Let us know your needs and we'll figure out the rest.

Get in touch with us

Interested in partnering with Copacoupona? We're eager to hear from you! Our team will be delighted to discuss potential collaborations with you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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